“He made several friends and was able to play independently within a group with them. He did not do this before. After camp he was also able to make a friend with a boy who just moved in down the block. That friendship has grown and he will ask to go play at the boy’s house, walk himself over there.....Read more.

“As a family, we’ve learned new ways to help him learn, communicate and be more independent. He’s learned additional skills like following directions better, how to get positive rewards more consistently and to communicate more.”..Read more.

"Teachers asked me what happenend over the summer? But they were asking in a good way. His improvement changed dramatically, and now is able to be intergrated into a classroom much more than before. We credit Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp for his improvement!"..Read more.

Last year was our son's first year at this camp and this camp changed him for the better! His teachers he had last year could tell there was a big difference from the previous year. This camp has provided him opportunities that as parents we would not be able to give him. This camp is amazing, the.....Read more.